Music and Music Clubs Bring Magic in Human Life

brush-1317900_960_720Music is precisely a form of the art that expresses itself with the help of sound that sooth our ears and souls. However, music is just more than an art. It is one of the strongest elements, which influences lives of each individual belonging to any part of the world, gender or age group. The forms of music can vary from one place to another but the basic definition remains the same.

It is something that we all enjoy in one or the other forms. Music is the essential part of our routine and that is the reason why we carry music in our mobiles, laptops, music players and in various other forms. Music is probably the most primary forms of entertainment and art that existed right from the start of the civilizations.

The word music has the Greek connection from where it is derived. Music comes from the Greek word “muses” which refers to the nine goddesses in Greek mythology are believed to be the ultimate source of knowledge that helps us to understand and develop arts, science and literature.

Fire-Microphone-HD-Music-WallpaperMusic is the reason of living for some people who follow it as a profession and life. If we go into the technicalities of the music, you will come across broadly four elements that differentiate one musical note from other. They are rhythm, pitch, dynamics and sonic qualities of timber and texture. The pitch of the music determines the harmony and melody that is associated with a musical note whereas dynamics makes the sound loud or soft.

The sonic qualities of timber and texture are also referred as the “color” of the musical note and it is the characteristic of the instrument or material that is producing the sound. However, the technicalities are just for the sake of literature and a musician does not necessarily have to understand these terms to mesmerize everyone with the magic of music. Music comes from inside and you just have to have that natural understanding of sound to create music that can influence everyone.

i-love-music-23671-2560x1440The best part of the music is that it comes in different forms, which there is essentially something for everyone that can touch your heart and please you. There are so many forms of music and each form has its own followers and developers who devote themselves in experimenting with the different instruments and sounds to create something new every second. It is just amazing that the music offers so much variety that there is no end to creation.

Even with a single musical instrument, you can create infinite different types of musical notes. The most popular forms of the music that are followed universally are classical, rock, pop etc. However, music cannot be limited to just one form and people have often proved this by creating music that is fusion of different styles.

Music is such a vast term that it cannot have single interpretation or description. Even the influence of the music can be very different for different individuals. Words are just insufficient to explain this magical term “music”. It is a feeling that we all love.